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Where every heartbeat has a story, and every drop of blood is a potential lifeline. Our nonprofit organisation is more than a cause; it’s a community that celebrates the uniqueness flowing through our veins.


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Uncover the mystery of your blood type with our interactive tools. Learn about the significance of each blood type and how you can make a difference by understanding and embracing your own.


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Join us in building a global network of compassion. Connect with individuals who share your blood type and make a collective impact on health initiatives, emergency responses, and life-saving endeavors.


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“What’s My Blood Type” isn’t just an organization; it’s a family united by the shared goal of making a difference. Engage in discussions, share your stories, and support one another as we navigate the world of blood types together.


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Knowledge is power. Explore our educational resources, webinars, and events designed to empower you with insights into the significance of blood types and their impact on health and well-being.


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Become a part of something bigger than yourself. Whether you donate, volunteer, or spread awareness, your involvement can be the lifeline someone desperately needs.


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The journey to a world where every blood type is understood and embraced begins with you. Take the leap, join “What’s My Blood Type,” and let’s turn compassion into action.

About Us

Welcome to What’s My Blood Type our mission revolves around the life-giving essence coursing through our veins – blood. Established with the fervent belief that every drop counts, we are dedicated to the cause of promoting awareness, understanding, and support for individuals based on their unique blood types.

Whats My Blood Type, in the beginning....

In the beginning of creation there was O blood type. If I had to guess I would say that both Adam and Eve were blood type O-. O- blood is the best type being that it can be donated to anyone who needs blood. Now this is just my opinion but I value my opinions. You should also… 

It was in Los Angeles California in 2007 where the dream finally became a reality. What’s My Blood type was only a thought that was never realized until 3am on the morning of July 3rd. It has been more than 15 years since I graduated high school and I have always told myself that I was going to do something to benefit the memory of one of my best teammates. What could be done to help others not lose their loved ones unexpectedly. Who would think that after all this time his death would still tug at my heartstrings. Knowing your blood type can save your life or the lives of your family members in case of an emergency.

Would people really care about their blood type?

Whats My Blood Type was just an idea that would not let me sleep. I have always wanted to help My friend Walt, I just never knew how. Walt was big for a typical high school kid but his size wasnt what captivated you. His shy friendly demeanor was what you loved the most. He used to always have a huge infectious smile on his face when we began basketball practice. You could tell that he had a really big heart and when you saw him smile you instantly smiled back.

Why Blood Types?

We soon discovered that this could be something that Americans needed to know. We feel that the blood type movement is still in the beginning stages and there are so many more things that can be accomplished. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to blood types. There is a wealth of information that we can bring to Americans and people throughout the world. This could be a one stop shop to find out all things pertaining to your blood type. You can never know your full potential unless you diligently work towards your goals no matter how daunting a task.

No one believed this movement would be possible for a college dropout but I guess Whats My Blood Type is not only in the awareness business but also proving people wrong…


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Embark on a meaningful journey with us. Because here, it’s not just about blood types; it’s about the heartbeat of humanity. Welcome to a community where every contribution counts, and together, we create a symphony of life.