• Antigen

    A substance that when introduced into the body stimulates the production of an antibody. Antigens include toxins, bacteria, foreign blood cells, and the cells of transplanted organs. Compatibility

  • Plasma

    Fresh frozen plasma is used after obstetric loss of blood (which is usually childbirth), during cardiac surgery, and to reverse any anticoagulant treatment. It's also used to replace clotting factors after massive transfusions or when they're not being sufficiently produced, such as liver disease.

  • Red cells

    These are used in the treatment of all kinds of anemia which can't be medically corrected, such as when rheumatoid arthritis or cancer is involved, when red cells break down in the newborn, and for sickle cell disease. They're also essential to replace lost red cells after such things as accidents, surgery and after childbirth, not to mention pre-op 'top-ups' for existing anemic patients and for burn victims.

  • Antibody

    A Y-shaped protein on the surface of B cells that is secreted into the blood or lymph in response to an antigenic stimulus, such as a bacterium, virus, parasite, or transplanted organ, and that neutralizes the antigen by binding specifically to it; an immunoglobulin

  • Agglutination

    The process by which suspended bacteria, cells, or other particles are caused to adhere and form into clumps; similar to precipitation, but the particles are larger and are in suspension rather than being in solution.

  • Whole blood

    This is rarely used these days, only really in instances of severe blood loss. Instead it's almost always separated into its individual components.

  • Platelets

    Bone marrow failure and post transplant and chemotherapy treatments, and leukemia. These are all instances when platelets can be of huge benefit to the recipient.

Blood Type O

Individuals of Type O blood have the thinnest blood, strongest immune systems, strongest stomach acids, and live the longest of all the blood types. Well known fact is that Elvis Presley, Prince Charles, Al Capone, and Wren Chambers are all O blood types.

Genetically, stomach acid was needed to break down the high protein diets on which our original ancestors thrived. This very strong acid is used to break down acid completely, and since animal protein was one of our original food sources, man adapted to survive. And as food sources changed the type O was able to adapt to metabolizing almost any food because of this strong stomach acid.

If you were to check the blood types of most competitive bodybuilders, professional athletes, such as basketball, baseball, soccer, football, and boxers, you would find that an alarming number of them are blood type O. If you check the blood type of the american indians who live in south america, who were and in some cases still are, hunters almost all of them are blood type O.

We all want to eat right, but for most of us it is a guessing game. Type O’s can metabolize more food sources as a result of their strong stomach acid than any other blood type. For this reason they more easily acquire proper nutrition with the least amount of effort. All other blood types must acquire proper nutrition with combinations of foods compatible with their lower stomach acid content and blood enzymes.

Eating certain foods that are not compatible with your blood type can cause various ailments like arthritis or some kinds of inflammatory swelling in the joints. These foods can be classified as white and/or red potatoes, orange juice, and dairy products. All these foods are actually not good for O blood types.

Blood Type A

The first mutation from blood type O was blood type A. Blood types came about when people started to migrate to places which had no animals present to feed from or were not abundant. Since type A mutated from type O, this blood type is very similar to type O and can eat many of the same animal proteins that can be consumed by blood type O.

It is believed that many type A’s which got used to eating from the environment adapted to more of a vegetarian diet. These adaptations happened because there was no meat available for some time. There are many different theories of why some type A’s can eat meat and some work best as vegetarians. Some may have been carrying the O recessive gene thereby allowing them many of the characteristics of the O gene individuals. The A blood type is the only partially mutated gene and this is still a mystery to all anthropologists.

In the United states, meat and potatoes compromise the staple diet. Type A’s do not tolerate either meat or potatoes well. This is the major reason why type A individuals like the shortest lives. When type A’s continue to eat meat and potatoes that are inconsistent with their blood enzymes, agglutination, or thickening of their already thick blood, takes place and disaster follows.

Individuals of type A blood have the thickest blood of all types. Since the blood is thick as it moves through arteries and veins, especially after or during periods of sleep, any saturated fat in the bloodstream has an opportunity to deposit itself more easily. When type A’s eat animal fat, meat or dairy products inconsistent with their blood type- their already thick blood agglutinates, or gets thicker and stickier.

Once your blood thickens this will lower immune functions, thereby causing or increasing the chances of cancer to develop. While the A blood type does a great job to metabolize fruits and vegetables it does a terrible job metabolizing animal protein. In a society where 40% of the population is type A, and only 5% of those are true vegetarians, the consequences are catastrophic.

Research shows that most cancers are type A related, and the majority of A’s eat a meat and potato diet and lots of foods unsuitable for their type, it is indeed predictable this blood type would be overwhelmed with high blood pressure, diabetes, anemia, cancer, and heart disease.

Blood Type B

Type B blood was the third mutation through man’ adaptation, after types O and A. Individuals of this blood group share some characteristics of types O and A. Although they represent a mix of the two previous blood types in some ways there are some very notable exceptions.

Type B blood is not as thin as type O blood, nor is it as thick as type A blood. Type B’s can eat meat in moderation without having to worry about developing heart disease. Type B individuals have the ability to eat and metabolize dairy products, which both type O and type A do not tolerate very well. We found individuals of type B blood tend to contract diseases such as polio, lupus, and rare disorders such as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Type B’s average the second longest life span after type O’s, which have been living the longest since the beginning of time. This is probably due to the fact that animal protein, which contains all those essential amino acids, is good for B’s. Type B’s have also been found to be the second most muscular types compared to type O’s. Even though type B’s can build muscle similar to type O’s, most B’s that we have found gravitate more to coaching sports rather than playing them. More type B’s can be found in the fields of medicine, science, technology, lawyers, and judges.

One problem that most type B’s seem to encounter is foot problems. Numerous subjects had required foot surgery, or had problems with their feet which were very painful and made everyday walking difficult.

Blood Type AB

Type Ab blood type is the only blood type that did not evolve as the previous two blood types. Blood types A, B, and O have been around for centuries but blood type AB has only been around for about 2000 years. Blood type A and B evolved because of a change in our environment but blood type AB did not.

Studies have shown that blood type AB is a result of mixing both A and B blood types. Since both A and B are dominant genes, genetically speaking, the offspring should have been A or B. If A and B have been in existence for so long, what triggered the events that caused the mutation to AB? We have still yet to find out the answer to that question. We still think that in the next few centuries we might have another mutation to a fifth blood type which might encompass all blood types. Some people would argue that this blood type is less susceptible to all of the diseases that strike O’s the hardest, and as such, this is nature’s way of evolving to insure the survival of the species.

Blood type AB is the only blood type with two dominant traits. If a parent of blood type O mixes with a parent of blood type A, the trait being dominant will prevail more times that the recessive trait O. The same holds true for B which is dominant over O. For most blood type O’s this theory doesn’t sound too attractive. When an A parent mixes with an B parent, the outcome genetically speaking should be either A or B, not AB. In any case, AB exists and only represents about 2% of our population worldwide.

John F. Kennedy, who we know was AB, was exceptionally charismatic. He was known for many things, engaging personality, embodiment of youth, and overall charm made him one of our most beloved presidents. Those characteristics mirror our 44th president Barack Obama who is also AB blood type. Some people compare him to JFK, well their blood type is the same but only time will tell if president Obama turns out to be as good a president as we expect.


Research has shown that of those individuals not in the same type, more A’s and AB’s were together, as were B’s and O’s more times than not. Perhaps the meat eaters (types B and O) and non-meat eaters (types A and AB) have something in common that attracts them.

We have found that couples of blood types A and B, respectively, had more difficult relationships with each other and a higher divorce rate than other blood types. In other words, their compatibility factor was lower than parties of the same blood type, or more compatible blood types listed above.

The research on this matter is only a by-product of the basic research originally done. There is reason to believe although humans appear to have lost most of their instinctual responses because of modern technology, changes in environment, and a host of other reasons, there is a sixth sense which we don’t fully understand and which guides us in our daily lives.

It may influence why we are drawn to certain individuals who on the surface do not seem suited to us. Or, why people with self-destructive natures are drawn to individuals who are bad for them. In either case, we believe more research needs to be done in this area.

If you’re A you’ll discover you’re conservative and cooperative, Bs will find out they’re eccentric, Os, relaxed, ambitious, but poor on detail, and AB types moody and standoffish! As and Bs should avoid each other as partners, but either would be happy with an AB partner. Os should stick to their own type, and steer clear of Bs.

How compatible are you with your mate? This would seem like an easy question to answer but who would really be honest when they answer that question. With the divorce rate in the U.S. sparking to an alarming 46% in 2008 who can guarantee that their relationship will last ” until death do us part “. Does that really mean the same thing as it did when our grandparents took their vows?

We are on this road which it seems that 50% percent of the time we end up crashing. If you knew that your marriage would end in divorce, would you still get married? Hindsight is 20/20 but there has to be a way to predict some of this stuff. If there were some way of taking a compatibility test before getting married then things would work out a little better. One way we can combat this issue is to focus on the blood type compatibility table which has been perfected by the Japanese. Let’s be serious for a second here; if you truly loved someone and you took a compatibility test which states that you aren’t as compatible as you think, would you still marry that person?

What if there were a law which stated that each marriage would be for 5 years and after the 5 year period you would have to either renew your vows or it would end in an annulment. Would you support that idea? I feel that would somehow cut down the divorce rate in our country and make people take the word MARRIAGE more seriously. Most marriages if they are going to end fall apart in the 1st 2 to 5 years. This idea would save you the long headache and the continued heartbreak of a nasty divorce.

This is just an idea. Don’t take it for more than just that. If we get enough people to respond in a positive way then it can blossom into something more. To your continued blessings and compatibility…..

Discussions about blood types are very popular in different women’s magazines as a way of gauging relationship compatibility with a current or potential partner. There seems to be more talk about blood types and compatibility worldwide. Let’s get the word out and see if this is a great phenomenon that we have been yearning for or a fad which comes and goes like the seasons. In Japan some morning television shows feature blood type horoscopes, and similar horoscopes are published daily in newspapers. I guess the world needs to take note and follow Japan’s lead.

Some people desire a wider selection of individuals that they are compatible with without having to evaluate each and every person on the site. Less search options will lead to less selective processing and reduce plenty of users’ cognitive resources. We are all tired of the mundane and monotonous scripts that you would encounter from any other dating site. Hundreds of questions are asked but at the end of the day only one question really matters, Am I your type?

Who says opposites attract? That there has been disproven time and time again. As humans if someone tells you something over and over again you will tend to believe it. What’s more fulfilling than having someone who shares the same interests, eats the same foods, watches the same movies, and even having similar outlooks on life.

Blood Types and Your Personality

Let’s get into the main reason why this site is so unique. Almost every Japanese person is aware of their blood type. Many businesses in Japan even manage their workers by their blood type. Since most of you aren’t really aware of what your personality looks like according to your blood type, this little piece of information might be a little helpful.

While outwardly calm, blood type A people are such perfectionists that they are likely to be balls of nerves inside. You are very creative and an artist. You are not the outgoing type and are more sensitive. You tend to stay calm in the toughest of crises. You are a good listener. At times you may make hasty decisions. Known for their artistic nature they can be very shy, conscientious, trustworthy, punctual, traditional,stubborn, obsessive and even sensitive.

Famous Personalities Adolf Hitler, Richard Nixon, Jet Li, George H.W. Bush

Best Traits; Gentle, creative, sensitive Worst Traits; Earnest and Fastidious

Result oriented and strong minded, type B people will start a job and continue until it is fully completed, and done well. Type B people are the individualists of the blood groups and find their own way in life without much support. You are very clear about your goals and are achievers in whichever field you choose to take up. You are very practical by nature. You complete the tasks that you take up and make an extra effort to understand the difficult parts. You understand people easily. You do not like confrontations. People find you charming, optimistic, unconventional, flexible and sensitive.

Famous Personalities Luciano Pavarotti, Paul McCartney, Jack Nicholson, Leonardi Di Caprio

Best Traits: Wild, a does, cheerful Worst traits: Selfish and irresponsible

Type AB people are the split personalities of the blood groups. They can be both shy and timid, and at the same time outgoing and shy. They are usually responsible, but too much responsibility will cause a problem. They are trustworthy and like to help others before themselves. You have a mix of characteristics. You can be extroverts and shy at the same time. You love helping people and are very

responsible by nature. But at times you cannot handle too much pressure. You find it difficult to find the right balance in life. Stress is something that you find difficult to deal with. You are also rational, aloof, confused, responsible, and unforgiving.

Famous Personalities John F. Kennedy, Barack Obama, Thomas Edison, Jackie Chan, Marilyn Monroe

Best Traits: Cool, controlled, rational Worst Traits: Critical and indecisive

Type O’s are sociable, and also very outgoing. They are initiators, even though they do not always finish what they started. Innovative and popular, they like to be the center of the spotlight and appear very self confident. You love being the center of attention. You love to begin things but don’t finish what you start. You are very self confident and have a positive outlook in life. You are not very responsible but very energetic. You are also intuitive, leaders, ambitious, arrogant, and self confident.

Famous Personalities Elvis Presley, Queen Elizabeth, Mikhail Gorbachev, John Lennon, Wren Chambers

Best Traits: Agreeable, sociable, and optimist Worst Traits: Vain and careless

Which Types Are Compatible
Type A is most compatible with Type A and Type AB
Type B is most compatible with type B and Type AB
Type AB is most compatible with Type AB, B, A, and O
Type O is most compatible with Type O, and Type AB
Having A – or A + does not make a difference when determining your compatibility.