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Type B blood was the third mutation through man's adaptation, after types O and A. Individuals of this blood group share some characteristics of types O and A. Although they represent a mix of the two previous blood type in some ways there are some very notable exceptions.

Famous Type Bs
Jack Nicholson, Luciano Pavarotti, Tom Selleck, Mia Farrow, Paul McCartney, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Vince Young.

We found individuals of type B blood tend to contract diseases such as polio, lupus, and rare disorders such as Lou Gehrig's disease. Type Bs also function better on a moderate exercise program. They suffer from the highest incidence of bladder and urinary tract infections. Type B’s are also prone to viral diseases when their immune system is compromised. I’ve personally had similar experiences with the few I've mentioned since I fall into this blood type category. However, with the continued persistence of having a healthy mind, body, and spirit has helped me persevere through.

Type B's can eat meat (but not chicken) in moderation without having to worry about developing heart disease. The type B should also eat dairy products, all fruits, most vegetables, and some beans. They are to avoid nuts, seeds and wheat.Type B individuals have the ability to eat and metabolize dairy products, which both type O and type A do not tolerate very well.
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