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Type AB blood type is the only blood type that did not evolve as the previous two blood types. Blood types A, B, and O have been around for centuries but blood type AB has only been around for about 2000 years. Blood type A and B evolved because of a change in our environment but blood type AB did not.

Famous Type ABs
John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Mick Jagger, Thomas Edison, Bob Sapp, Miyavi, Jackie Chan, and Barack Obama.

Exercising for the type AB is predominately qi gong, yoga, meditation and mentally quieting exercises calming and invigorate the body. Aerobic type exercise is fine as long as it is not done to the extreme. AB types are prone to either diseases encountered by the type A or the type B individuals.

Blood type AB is referred to as enigmas because it combines a Type A and Type B diet requiring meat but in fewer portions. This is the rarest and newest blood type to evolve and it is best adapted to a moderate diet. Type AB people benefit from a combination of A and B type nutrition. They are allowed to eat some meat and dairy products. Type AB’s can have a limited portion of wheat products, most fruits and vegetables. Meat is not as well digested compared to fresh fish, dairy, soy and wheat-free grains.
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